Pannonhalmi Apátsági Sörfőzde
Launch campaign for Pannonhalma Archabbey brewery
The Pannonhalma Archabbey has a long history of locally made craft products, all of them are well known for their quality. Although beer brewing was a part of the life of the monastery, traditionally it was not something the friars did themselves. So when the Archabbey decided to broaden their current portfolio of products, the brewery was an old-new idea, that had the fortification of tradition, yet offered an uncharted path, a chance to build something new. 

In the concept phase the old-new balance led us as we looked for a link, a common idea, something the history of the Archabbey could teach to the consumer of today. This is how we settled on the idea of finding balance. The idea of inner balance arches over all communication materials we made, showing how old ideas can help with modern people to lead a better, more conscious life.
Photography by Viktor Galos
Photo and Film by Levente Kadar & Zoltan Palmai
Art direction by Marton Martos & Csilla Odor
Graphic design by Marton Martos & Csilla Odor

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