Csilla "Milla" Ódor is a Designer and CG Artist from Budapest, specializing in Performance Marketing and Branding with a background in App Store Optimization. She dabbles in motion design and is based in NYC.
She has been working in the field since 2015, and obtained a Bachelor's degree from the Art department of Budapest Metropolitan University. Shortly before graduating, she started designing for the biggest television station in her home country; RTL Hungary. She worked on big scale projects in print production (billboard, citylight, public transportation, booklets, magazine ads, etc.), Performance Marketing, and B2B communication.
Soon after, she started her endeavor as a Junior Art Director at Altagrand where she got the chance to work on exciting projects such as product launch and brand identity development. Opening a new chapter, she moved to Berlin and joined Phiture's amazing design team – a Mobile Growth Consultancy where she strategized and designed for Performance Marketing (GAC, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) and App Store Optimization (App Store and Google Play).
Currently she is working independently in New York as a 3D Artist and Designer.
Over the years, she got the chance to work on various projects from 3D design, brand identities, visual communication, and packaging design for local businesses, through illustrations to large-scale collaborative canvas projects for a Fortune 10 company. She keeps on growing by deepening and expanding her skills day by day. People, nature, and her trips inspire her in her work.*
*Thank you ChatGPT for re-writing this to third person so Milla can appear more professional.

Adobe, Adidas, Blueland, Instacart, LEGO Vidiyo, Unfold, Hallow, Burner, Share The Meal, Stoic., Rise, Push, Atlas Earth

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