The ASO Conference, held annually in Berlin, Germany, focuses on the latest developments and strategies in the mobile app industry. For 2021, we rebranded to 3D designs while still featuring the conference's signature colors of black, white and red. 

The updated branding uses simple shapes and textures that are inspired by the world of mobile apps, such as a toggle button, to create a connection with the theme of the conference. The previous years' logo – which was a circle with 3 strokes around it, symbolizing the "tap" motion – was reimagined as a glass sphere with a podium creating a modern and dynamic look and feel. To create a consistent and memorable visual identity a template system was also used across various materials: posters, social media graphics (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), and promotional items.

This design project aims to capture the essence of the mobile app industry and create an engaging experience for
all attendees.

3D renders: Milla Ódor
Art Direction: Stuart Miller, Catarina Rosa, Milla Ódor
Type & type animation: Catarina Rosa
Design: David Lymburn, Dimitra Karagiannakou
Soundtrack: Andy Hart
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